Motivation Quote

“Success is 99 percent failure” is a famous quote by Soichiro Honda (Japanese Honda Motor company Founder).

What he meant from this is directly related to our own life, be it personal, professional, intellectual or spiritual.

  • First letters from our mouth were never fluent. As we grew, we tried and moved from stuttering to fluency.
  • As a child, when we started walking we fell a number of times before could walk steadily.
  • How many of us are there who learnt cycling without ever crashing?
  • We played cricket,  but did we leave just because we got hit?
  • We fail in exams, but do we leave studying and pursuing our career?
  • Failure in one relation doesn’t mean that we don’t look for other partners or never marry.
  • Problems in one’s job does not mean that we don’t take another job.
  • Failure in one business does not mean that we should not start another business.

There are so many failures in our life after which we did succeed when really tried. Doing one thing and failing in it does not mean that we should never do that again.