Management Lessons from Mahabharata


Turn your weakness into your Strength.


Make Powerful Allies.


Share your responsibilities.

Team Spirit:

Teamwork succeeds where Individual effort fails.

Individual Motives:

The Right team is made by selecting the Right Individuals. Get the right man for the right job.


The interests of the Individual should never exceed the Team interest.
The best man for a Job is not the one with the best capabilities but one with the greatest commitment.

Right Managers:

Know your enemies weaknesses and exploit them. Take Calculated risks.
Inspire, invigorate, counsel your own team in moments of need.

The Roots:

Know ground realities.
Know different ideologies.

Women Empowerment:

Women = Better Half. Any team which doesn’t have women is unbalanced, for the Masculine traits of Aggression and Dominance should be balanced by the Feminine traits of Harmony and Sustenance.

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