Marks are leaves which grow on tall trees the ground has 0 the trunk has 20 the tree has 60 the top has 100 What we study is how to jump high, climb or use our intelligence to fetch those marks! By my son Rishit Barnwal (2018)

Motivation Quote

“Success is 99 percent failure” is a famous quote by Soichiro Honda (Japanese Honda Motor company Founder). What he meant from this is directly related to our own life, be it personal, professional, intellectual or spiritual. First letters from our mouth were never fluent. As we grew, we tried and moved from stuttering to fluency. As aContinue reading “Motivation Quote”

Management Lessons from Mahabharata

Preparation: Turn your weakness into your Strength. Allies: Make Powerful Allies. Leadership: Share your responsibilities. Team Spirit: Teamwork succeeds where Individual effort fails. Individual Motives: The Right team is made by selecting the Right Individuals. Get the right man for the right job. Commitment: The interests of the Individual should never exceed the Team interest. TheContinue reading “Management Lessons from Mahabharata”